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Tis the Season: Seasonal Effects and Circadian Rhythms

As today is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere (and the longest in the Southern Hemisphere), it seems appropriate to talk about how the seasons change our bodies’ rhythms. Many things change with the seasons, but the main seasonal variation that I will consider here is the variation in day length.  […]

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Yesterday’s Weather and Your Health Data

I love my Apple Watch. The ability to track my exercise, heart rate, activity levels, and sleep has enabled a real awareness of how my physical and mental health changes over time. The ability to track personal health data over long time periods outside of laboratories is one of the most exciting developments of the […]

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Signs of Circadian Disruption

In this blog post, I want to point to some common symptoms of circadian disruption. The role of circadian rhythms in sleep is subtle, and many times issues that are attributed to other sources really have circadian factors as the root cause.  The two process model: To understand the interaction between sleep and circadian rhythms […]


Circadian Phase Estimation and Deep Learning

One of the most common questions we get at Arcascope is… “Can’t you just do circadian phase estimation using machine learning?” Living in the data age, we have become used to thinking that big data and machine learning can do just about anything. In this post, I will break down some of the unique challenges […]