Your data belongs to you and only you.

The wearable data we collect is used for the single purpose of making the best circadian rhythm predictions for you. We will never share this data with any third-parties and all requests for data to be deleted will be honored– typically within 30 days.

Why are you asking for this data?

Circadian rhythms are an important component in many of your bodies physiological processes like sleep/wake, activity (steps), heart rate, skin temperature. However, it is easy to miss these circadian components if other factors are not accounted for.

For example, your heart rate may increase because your bodies circadian rhythms tell it too, or it might be because you stood up or because you are cooling down from a workout. We have spent years developing our algorithms to carefully extract the circadian signals out of this data, but the more data we have to cross reference the more robust our algorithms become and the better your predictions are.