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Shift Work

Circadian misalignment is a major issue for shift workers, who often lack support and resources. Long-term shift work leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders, and other chronic diseases. Our software platform is currently being evaluated in multiple clinical trials to assess how personalized circadian interventions can alter outcomes for shift workers.

Cancer-related Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most commonly cited symptoms cited by cancer patients and survivors, with few treatments available outside of exercise. We have evaluated an intervention developed by our team, called “circadian synchronization therapy” (CST), in a population of 138 cancer survivors, and the results have been submitted for publication.


Sleep and circadian rhythms are highly relevant for pregnancy outcomes, with circadian disruption linked to preterm birth and worsened risk of postpartum depression. We are currently evaluating circadian synchronization therapy in a cohort of pregnant patients at the University of Michigan to understand how healthier circadian rhythms can interact with pregnancy outcomes.


The absence of caregiver-friendly tracking tools can lead to prolonged disruptions in sleep and circadian rhythms, impacting both patient and caregiver quality of life. We’ve developed an app for enhancing circadian rhythms and sleep duration in children, allowing caregivers to both track their child’s sleep state as well as get recommendations to improve their own.

Sleep Tracking

We’ve developed ways of harnessing raw data from consumer devices to reproduce functionality typically found in research grade devices. Learn more on the Arcawatch product page.

Other Trials

Our sleep and circadian tracking capabilities can be readily added to ongoing trials, with multiple build configurations available to patient data security and straightforward IRB approval. Reach out if you’re interested in using our tracking capabilities in a clinical trial of your own.

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