About us

Arcascope is a team of designers, developers, and PhDs from Harvard, Stanford, University of Nebraska and the University of Michigan, with a combined 30+ years in the sleep and circadian space.

Our science

Circadian rhythms, or the natural patterns of biological activity that occur in a (roughly) 24-hour cycle, play a significant role in the health and function of the body and its organs. The word circadian is derived from “circa diem,” meaning “about a day” in Latin.

Immune response, metabolism, peak strength, alertness, sleep drive, temperature, melatonin, cortisol and many more body systems all exhibit circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms are extremely relevant to sleep because circadian rhythms act like gates for deciding when you can and cannot easily fall asleep.

Our team

Olivia Walch, PhD

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Eric Canton, PhD

Chief Data Officer

Doug Marttila

Developer/Product Manager

Tamara Brady

Marketing Manager

Amanda Jackson

Lead Physician Consultant