National Nurses Week: Understanding Struggles and Solutions

For National Nurses Week, it’s crucial to spotlight these dedicated professionals who sacrifice their well-being and disrupt their routines to ensure continuous patient care. 

Over the years, we’ve spoken to many shift workers in the healthcare industry about their experiences working nights. Many of the insights we’ve gathered align closely with findings from our 2023 survey involving 218 nurses who work night shifts (rotating and fixed nights). Here’s a summary of our discoveries:

Challenges Faced:

  • Risk of Error: 65.1% of nurses acknowledge a heightened risk of mistakes when fatigued during night shifts, emphasizing the need for interventions to uphold patient safety.
  • Turnover Trepidations: Nearly half consider leaving due to challenges with night work, with sleep loss being a primary concern.
  • Impact on Health: 53.7% reported adverse effects on health and wellbeing due to night shifts, highlighting the need for support mechanisms.
  • Balancing Act: While some missed work due to shift-related health issues, others prioritize professional obligations, showcasing the delicate balance they navigate.
  • Aging Challenges: Older nurses struggle with adapting to nocturnal work, challenging assumptions about experience equating to better-coping mechanisms.

Nurses Deserve Better

As we honor National Nurses Week, let’s spotlight the dedication of night shift nurses and advocate for solutions to support their well-being.

At Arcascope, our primary focus is on assisting shift workers in improving their sleep quality and overall well-being through circadian-specific interventions. This is exactly what led to the creation of the Arcashift app, which empowers nurses to navigate challenges while preserving their health and job satisfaction. 

That’s why we’re offering nurses 3 FREE months of Arcashift for National Nurses Week. Email us today with the subject “National Nurses Week” to redeem this limited-time offer.