Boost Clinical Trial Success

Unlock insights in wearable data to help your trial succeed

The ChronoRCT platform

Using advanced algorithms trained on gold standard data,
ChronoRCT can help you track and control for circadian effects that could significantly impact the primary outcomes of clinical trials and research studies.

Real-world Chronomedicine

Understand how timing is influencing the efficacy and toxicity of your drug or treatment.

Instant Insights

Gain immediate, comprehensive insights into data quality.

Beyond Circadian Rhythms

Understand new dimensions of your data


In general, people wore the device for 77% of the day.


We noticed that people were more likely to remove the device at night.


All measured values are within realistic physiological ranges.​​

Accelerate Data Cleaning

Rapidly review your dataset for missing data, formatting issues, or unrealistic values.

Understand Trends Through Biophysics- Informed Digital Twins

Our biophysics-informed digital twins help us analyze and interpret data quality issues, such as identifying data lost during probable sleep and detecting unphysiological data.

Validation At Multiple Scales

Automatically rank data quality as poor,
fair, or good, allowing clear categorization based on
defined criteria. Validate data quality across the dataset
as a whole and within individual participants.

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