Improve your sleep and feel your best

With Arcashift, harness the power of circadian rhythms in the palm of your hand

Meal Window

Enhance your health by consuming your calories within your unique meal timeframe

Sleep Estimate

Get custom estimates for optimal sleep timings to reduce insomnia and maximize rest

Caffeine Check

Receive alerts on when it’s time to skip that extra cup of coffee to help you sleep better

Light Advice

Know when it’s beneficial to expose yourself to light and when it’s best to avoid it

“Arcashift made a difference in my sleep quality within 1 week by making me very aware of the effects of bright light (and any light) on my sleep cycle.”

– Arcashift User

The Arcashift App

No matter your work schedule, you can receive personalized sleep, food, and caffeine timings—proven to help users sleep and feel better.