Meet Your Body’s Clock

Your body is full of rhythms that repeat themselves about once a day. These rhythms are your circadian rhythms, with the word “circadian” coming from the Latin words for “about a day.” You can think of these rhythms almost as an orchestra: coordinating different key physiological functions at different times to guide you out of sleep, through your day, and back to sleep again. The conductor for this orchestra is your suprachiasmatic nucleus, your body’s central clock.

Many people mistakenly think that their body’s clock only controls when they feel tired or awake, but it’s also responsible for regulating hormonal activity, metabolism, peak physical strength, body temperature, and much, much more. It plays a huge role in nearly all the processes of your day-to-day life.

The bad news is that a lot of people have clocks that are at least a little out-of-sync. This can lead to negative side-effects. In the short term, it can make it so it’s hard for you to fall asleep when you need to. In the long term, this can cause chronic disease and longterm health problems.

Our tech gives you the power to track and steer your body’s clock.

Your body’s clock tends to send a strong signal for sleep when the sun goes down, which doesn’t jive with the work schedules of night shift workers. With our app, Shift, we put you in control of shifting your body’s rhythms to better align with your work schedule.

Shift sends timing recommendations straight to your device, letting you know exactly when to schedule your daily activities. Each notification is customized to fit your shift schedule, your health data, and your personal goals.

It’s about making small changes, at the right time.

Being in control of your body’s clock means you can experience the benefits of living a circadian-aware life. At Arcascope, we believe that working outside the “normal” schedule should not mean you have to accept an “abnormal” life.

It’s about time to live in sync with your body’s clock.