Meet Arcascope

A message from our CEO, Olivia Walch:

Here’s the thing about the name:

I wanted to capture what I thought was most exciting about our company.

Sure, you can sleep better by taking care of your circadian rhythms, but circadian rhythms are about a lot more than just sleep

We were founded by mathematical biologists.

Rather than trying to figure out what time is in a person’s brain with a gold standard test (for instance, by taking repeated saliva samples for hours in the dark), we use math models to infer what’s most likely to be going on in their brain, given all the inputs that have gone into it. 

Rather than trying to estimate their internal time from a single measurement or number, we use lots of data, collected on the timespan of weeks to months. 

In a sense, we’re using our algorithms to see inside a black box.

Letting us predict what’s going on in your head, without the need for invasive testing. That’s what I think is most cool about our tech. 

So, I mashed the Latin word for box, arca, with “an instrument for seeing,” or scopium, to get Arcascope.

We think seeing inside the black box will change the way you understand your health– whether you’re a shift worker, a new parent, or just someone battling the constant pull to stay up late for work or weekends. But you don’t have to just take our word for it: Take a look yourself.

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