Chris Simpson

“Pos thi lec ica? Neś satir cau śul.”

Hey, you’ve found this part of the website! Maybe you’ve read everyone’s else’s blurbs already. Maybe you were even like “wow, these people seem SUPER into circadian rhythms. Did management force them at knifepoint to pretend they were really into circadian rhythms?”

But we did not, and, as proof, Chris Simpson’s blurb is: “Pos thi lec ica? Neś satir cau śul.” Chris is our superstar iOS developer and language enthusiast. What language is that, you ask? You’ll have to figure it out, the same as we did: by begging Chris for the answer.

Anyway, the point is that we really let people write what they wanted for their blurbs. All those other people have actually had their sleep improved by circadian rhythms, and you can too. Just start thinking about your light and daily rhythms in a whole new way. We’re here to help with that.